Newborn Baby Photography

We can provide natural or themed newborn baby photography, taken in the comfort of your home or at an alternative location. Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire I am happy to travel anywhere in the surrounding areas of Reading, Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex, Dorest and Wiltshire.

I got into newborn photography like most newborn baby photographers I am guessing, from having my first child. AJ is the apple of my eye and I just wish I knew then what I know now about photographing children, however like most things in life it takes time and experience, and at the time family photography was not something I’d done much of before. My early experience was gained from mistakes I made while photographing by baby boy. He has become a skilled model, the same way I have become a skilled newborn photographer. But do not just take my word for it, look at my newborn photos yourself.

AJ has taught me so much about parenthood, about how easy my parents made it look, but most of all about how quickly he is growing up. When I look back at my photos now I think everyone of them is perfect, just because he is in them, because they are moments in time none of us will have again. Moments that I shared with the rest of my family through photographs.
For me newborn photography is one of the greatest forms of photography. It allows me to be creative, to use both natural and artificial light, to create wonderfully cute photos that I know will invoke strong emotions in viewers and tell a powerful story of joy that lasts forever.

I like to take a relax approach to the session, your child comes first.  If he or she needs feeding then I can wait, I would much prefer to create wonderful photos of a happy child than a few good photos of a unhappy one.

See our Newborn Themes for inspiration and ideas on what sort creative newborn baby photography we can do.

For newborn photography, days 1 to 14 are the best.  It is therefore better if you plan ahead of the big day and make a booking as early as possible.  I have a maximum number of bookings I take each month to give me some flexibility, I realise it can be a busy time so I like to fit around your needs.  Once the baby has arrived we will arrange the time and place over the next fortnight.  I find the earlier we can set the photo-shoot date, the better it is for most children, they are the most sleepiest and have not yet learned those things waving about are their arms and legs.  This means they are easier to pose with long warm hand hugs.  It also means we have more time to be flexibile if the shoot cannot be completed at the first agreed time for some unknown reason, like a new baby not knowing when it is bed time :-), as I also find a mum who is as calm and relaxed as she can be is also beneficial.

I like to keep it as relaxed and as fun as possible, while you are feeding your child, I will set up a new scene.  I am happy to wait for as long as it takes for both you and your baby to be comfortable.  It is all about your family and making it a memorable day that you spent with me creating some wonderful images you will treasure forever.

If you have older siblings, its best to get any desired siblings or family shots done sooner than later in the shoot.  The siblings can then be entertained separately so as not to disturb the new arrival.  The best place for these shoots is your home, a place where you are most comfortable, however if this is not possible alternative locations are easily sourced.