About Us

At the end of the wedding day

The end of their wedding day

Stephen Pritchard Photography is a family run business providing professional photography services.  We cover those special events like weddings, newborns, birthdays, or any occasion that will only ever happen once and that you wish to be reminded of forever.  Our skillfully created storytelling images can help bring back those happy emotions for you, your family, and future generations to come.

My love for photography was given to me at a young age.  With my first digital camera this passion grew.  Then, when I got my first DSLR camera, I started taking photos for my business clients, weddings for close friends, then friends of friends, out of pleasure rather than commercial gain.

Taking photos for business clients led to becoming a professional Google Trusted Photographer (passing the assessment with 100%) and successfully completing Google Business View Tours for businesses in Basingstoke and Hampshire.

My real passion though is for taking creative, emotional photos of unique moments in people’s lives.  As a fun loving and sometimes “cheeky” extrovert I love meeting people.  I love watching and looking for that next moment to catch forever.

Newborn baby boy in toy dumper truck

Newborn baby boy in dumper truck

In 2012 I became the proud dad of my son Anthony and through him I was introduced into newborn baby photography.  I get great joy from seeing photos of my young boy growing up hanging on our walls and taking newborn photographs is like reliving those wonderful moments again.  I get the same enjoyment while taking wedding photographs, “professional” just means I making a living from it.  Being known as a friendly and talented photographer is more important.  For me, there is no greater reward than being asked by someone to take photos due to their own personal experience of my services or from a personal reference.

You can take comfort in the knowledge that using our services will result in a passionate high quality service.  We only take one wedding shoot per weekend so we can totally focus on your needs and produce a high quality finish to pictures that will be with you for the rest of your life.

I am an active member of the Royal Photographic Society.  Being an active member is important for me as it means I wish to continually progress my photographic style by attending exhibitions and courses provided as well as achieving recognised distinctions against my work.  You can be reassured that any photographer with this much dedicated commitment has the skills and talent, to provide you with high quality photographs you deserve.  For me the RPS logo is more than just another marketing tool on my website, it is a statement of commitment to my vocation and continually maintaining high standards.

Royal Photographic Society logo

Being an active member of the Royal Photographic Society shows I am serious about my occupation. My work is recognised by other experts in the profession, as having a high standard of skill and proficiency. It shows I wish to maintain my expertise and knowledge through established training programs and the reading of appropriate literature. I have a strong desire to maintain my expertise and knowledge through established training programs, viewing of exhibitions & panels and the reading of appropriate literature. It shows a commitment towards continually achieving a professionally recognised high standard in my work.

Nikon Professional User

Registered Nikon Professional User. This is not an endorsement by Nikon, however it is recognition that I use high quality professional Nikon photography equipment for my work. The Nikon D4s was prized with the EISA “Professional Camera of the Year” 2014-2015. The Nikon D800 was given the EISA “European Camera of the year 2013” award. The Nikon D4 won the EISA “Professional Camera of the Year” 2012 – 2013.